Saturday, 28 April 2012

The total "BERSIH"

Just some fake image

This is my space, this my opinion. Does't make it wrong or right. I accept good comments and ideas.  

Envy the spirit
Truly, im touched by the spirit of those people who wanted a fair election, righteousness, justice to Malaysia . I can sense their hope of a better future, for Malaysia. Regardless of skin colour and races. I know, its hard to endure, just to be there, all the tear gas, the fight. I've heard they helping each others.
However, was it worth it ? Maybe.

The Aim
Did you know your aim ? Did you know what u're fighting for ? And did u not even know what bersih is ? Some fight for, so called freedom. Unfortunately, some are just being followers without even know their purpose. I say they're just puppet. I don't mind which side you are. Make sure that your objective is clear and you have reason for your fight.

The Police
I read bad comment toward those police. Well, some said that they do a pretty good job. All in all, we don't need to maki them. Most people saying that the police are the total criminal. Did they not see the virtue they did ? Bear in mind, jangan kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.

My Opinion
Our election is not clean enough ? I say its okay. 5 state belong to the opposition.Maybe, it is not systematic or not clean enough. Some people will just satisfied if the opposition win the election, then they call is as bersih. The chairperson of bersih, Ambiga, who fight for LGBT ( lesbian, gay, bla3). Religion equality and on side with Lina Joy. I don't coop with this kind of person. And i don't know why this person have followers. Are we really ditindas by the government ? that actually happen to YOU ? I don't know, maybe yes. As for me, i can live wherever i want, study everywhere i want, having as much property i want.I have my reason.

This is just not your thing. Focus on your real agenda, your main purpose. Study. Unless you're just genius or 4.0 flat student. Then go laaaa. As for, study hard, become someone, make changes. One day when you hold a tittle, you can easily make changes, people will listen to whatever you say and you don't need these perhimpunan.

I have much more to say and i've said enough.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A moderator

I believe all of us have something unique to offer. We have our own distinct feature. Me? I don't know, im good at speech somehow. Well, as far as im concern, im not good getting along with others (or certain people). So, today i got some presentation. Ya know, thing goes great for me, got some compliment, frm lect and so on, bla3.I think im overdoing it, like it was something serious.Same thing happens during a post-mortem meeting for some event.

The thing is, I don't feel accepted, i realize that people tend to choose to hear from those they want to. I don't build good relationship, im aware. Maybe that's my problem. So, i take path to become a moderator. A safer way, where people don't recognize you much and they don't have much to say bout me.

Above it all, I have friends who have my back all the time. At least I hope so. Im just glad to have friends that just simply understand.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Packed Week

This is not something i want to brag about. Its my space to say of my life.

Here in IIUM we got somehting called Festival Of Engineering week (FESTIVEN). A lot of things happen, we got some exhibition here and there. Me ? im just Program Manager for Closing ceremony. Well, thing goes pretty well at the beginning. Towards the end, we got some major changes. That's not the point. What Ive learn is :

Thing usually done last minute: Well, it teaches us how to tackle time. After all, engineer usually do thing last minute :D

A lot of first timer in our comittee: Its not a problem, as long as they want to learn and they have something to offer to the society.

So many thing to say, so litte time. But there's always time to learn.

Till then.