Saturday, 28 April 2012

The total "BERSIH"

Just some fake image

This is my space, this my opinion. Does't make it wrong or right. I accept good comments and ideas.  

Envy the spirit
Truly, im touched by the spirit of those people who wanted a fair election, righteousness, justice to Malaysia . I can sense their hope of a better future, for Malaysia. Regardless of skin colour and races. I know, its hard to endure, just to be there, all the tear gas, the fight. I've heard they helping each others.
However, was it worth it ? Maybe.

The Aim
Did you know your aim ? Did you know what u're fighting for ? And did u not even know what bersih is ? Some fight for, so called freedom. Unfortunately, some are just being followers without even know their purpose. I say they're just puppet. I don't mind which side you are. Make sure that your objective is clear and you have reason for your fight.

The Police
I read bad comment toward those police. Well, some said that they do a pretty good job. All in all, we don't need to maki them. Most people saying that the police are the total criminal. Did they not see the virtue they did ? Bear in mind, jangan kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.

My Opinion
Our election is not clean enough ? I say its okay. 5 state belong to the opposition.Maybe, it is not systematic or not clean enough. Some people will just satisfied if the opposition win the election, then they call is as bersih. The chairperson of bersih, Ambiga, who fight for LGBT ( lesbian, gay, bla3). Religion equality and on side with Lina Joy. I don't coop with this kind of person. And i don't know why this person have followers. Are we really ditindas by the government ? that actually happen to YOU ? I don't know, maybe yes. As for me, i can live wherever i want, study everywhere i want, having as much property i want.I have my reason.

This is just not your thing. Focus on your real agenda, your main purpose. Study. Unless you're just genius or 4.0 flat student. Then go laaaa. As for, study hard, become someone, make changes. One day when you hold a tittle, you can easily make changes, people will listen to whatever you say and you don't need these perhimpunan.

I have much more to say and i've said enough.


  1. In fact, Ambiga was not the leader for BERSIH 3.0..
    That was the only propaganda which was created by someone in government to make mahasiswa like us to instantly consume that BERSIH was bad ass..
    All the chaos actually made by the police which impersonated as BERSIH demostrators..

  2. Firstly... i didn't say Ambiga is the leader for bersih.
    Get your fact right on the comittee inside BERSIH.
    She lead the party from CM to Dataran during the occasion ...

  3. hee.. Ambiga MAYBE involve in BERSIH..not as a leader or chairperson..
    BERSIH is a platform to open the world's eyes that citizen also have a power to correct something wrong in government..
    we don't look at who involved in.. but we look at the mission.. u will understand why citizen must stand together regardless of race and religion..
    u must do a research about peristiwa memali.. u can see how government treat poeple just like a scum.. they think they have all the powers..

  4. you stated maybe as in u doubt that she invole...
    yes, she is chaiperson for bersih 2.0, at 3.0 she leads half of the convoy....
    Why we must focus at her ? She fought for LGBT, Seksualiti merdeka, denying right of mahkamah syarih and religious equality... i think u know that.

    She dedicated most of her life for that kind of thing.
    Now, she say nothing about that because (i think) she's afraid that she'll loose follower because her fight clearly opposing islam and constituition.

    I believe, once she have the power, she'll surely continue with her agenda and her lifetime fight for LGBT and so on.

    About peristiwa memali, im aware of that, we learn it here.
    That was the time of Mahathir around 1985..thing changes.
    Even anwar ibrahim was on government side.

  5. hee.. then we wait for the election day..
    i'll be comfirmed that government will win..
    no chance for opposition..
    government will do anything to win..
    not impossible BERSIH 4.0 will come next..
    about ambiga, i know who she is.. but im not sure what is her role in BERSIH..
    Peristiwa memali show the weakness in government.. Mahathir is a genius leader and the most ruthless at the same time..
    i think we both need to do a research and meet..
    we can identify what it are all about actually..
    i have opinion, u have so.. right?

  6. yes2.. couldn't agree more
    no use to argue here
    lets's meet up and have some research and discussion..
    i want to hear more from your side..